Known for her effortless take on style, Helen Baker founded STYLEFINDER in 2005 to help real women sharpen their sense of style.  Her company STYLEFINDER helps client build covetable wardrobes that fit their budgets, bodies lifestyles.

Helen’s personal style and love of fashion was inspired by her very chic mother, whose style and elegance was always meticulous.  For the last ten years Helen has worked with some of Canada’s top designers and retailers. She has become an expert on the landscape of Vancouver ’s fashion retailers, and is always in the know on when hot new arrivals have landed and can often slide her clients in before a major sale is about to happen.

Working with a stylist is a wise investment, and Helen's clients often find they had saved money when they started working with her. STYLEFINDER's philosophy is to only buy a few key quality items each season to polish up a wardrobe, and to work with what you already have. No more regretful purchases and no more closet debt.

I want to share with you something that happened to me today. I was standing at the intersection near my office, waiting to cross the street. I am wearing my new JC jacket – the grey one with the interesting lapel detail and the single button — and a pair of ancient but still very nice looking grey and black herringbone pattern pants from Banana Republic that we kept. So anyway, a very smartly-dressed lady standing next to me turned to me and said, 'That's a great outfit. You look amazing.' Well blow me down! How do you like that? All thanks to you Helen. I can die happy! ”

– Erin